What if you could:

  • Tap into your ideal customer’s wants and needs so you can give them exactly what they want, when they want it?

  • Figure out where they hang out online and off so you can connect with them consistently and socially?

  • Create emails, newsletters, posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter that grab your customer’s attention by capturing their hearts?  

It’s possible when you can see your business through the eyes of your ideal customer (That’s where I come in).

So, then what?

Then you need a DO-ABLE, customized marketing plan to consistently show up on your customers’ radar. A plan that is:


Use set-it and forget-it solutions that will allow you to focus on the business you have WHILE you market for new business.


You just need the things that you need. I won’t recommend advertising at the Super Bowl. I will recommend easy, low-cost ways for you to effectively reach your customers.


That means the plan is based on:

  • Your customers, your unique way of doing business and most importantly, YOUR schedule – not a full-time marketing manager’s schedule. After all, your business isn’t marketing, right?

The things I recommend for you will be tailored to the precious few minutes you have available for marketing each week.

Contact me now to see how to fit the right marketing into your week to grow your business!